Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Of All

Of all that i've ever felt
love was the feeling most sure
and of all that i've ever had
you were the one most dear

Of the flowers in the forest
you've always been the prettiest
and no jewel in any crown
nor king on any throne
has anything on you—my very own.

Of all that's meant to be
you were the best to me
and in your eyes I saw
everything worth fighting for—
you're all there is, you see

Of all in life worth doing
there's nowhere i'd be going
happy without you

Of all the dreams I'm having
in them you're appearing
looking like a queen
and when you smile i shiver
it's love that makes me quiver
but it seems we're out of time

Of all the things I thought
this was the last that I'd expected
but it happened nonetheless
and now it's gone and fled

Of all the birds, you flew the highest
i did my best to try to catch you
but you'd just gone too far
and so I sat and watched you fly away.

Of all the clouds that drifted by
I see your face in every one
and in all the memories that die
you're there too, as if we'd just begun

Of all the hopes I shouldn't have
i let myself indulge in one
and maybe someday I'll regret it,
but even so I'm not done.

Of all the living dreams on high
i never failed to aspire
to catch you like a butterfly
and watch you flutter till forever.

Of all the verses that I've wrote,
this will be the last of note
i've run out of rhymes, you see,
but the rest of me, there's still plenty.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a poem of the highest degree, written in its earliest form in 1427, and altered in 1565.

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