Friday, 26 March 2010

On a cloudy evening

It's easy to get confused between letting God handle things outside our control, and seizing the moment, the second, the hour, the day, or what have you. It's easy to make excuses one way or another. It's all too easy to make a statement, and when faced with any new revelation, let that go in favour of the more appealing prospect, however vigorous an effort must be made to procure it.

While I have in mind a specific emotion and situation, I do not think there is a person alive who has not been faced with this quandary, whether they made struggle in it or not. How can we know when God is giving us an opportunity to stand with what we feel He has led us to, or opening a door for us to act despite how we may have felt?

A puzzlement, and more. A test, of our trust in Him. The hardest part of this test, however, is that God gives us no direct indication whether we are being tested one way or the other. Do we let go and free-fall, hoping he will catch us before we are struck on the rocks? Do we try to catch ourselves, expecting him to aid our human efforts? It's too confusing for me to know the answer to.

But let me say this. However we may feel the need to take things in our own hands, however much we delude ourselves into thinking it's up to us now, self-delusion will never result in loosening His grip on our lives and future. God will not be thwarted.

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