Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Well Done, Miss Skirrow

This is a new blog I've begun, and sent the old far away. For a number of reasons, I'm making a new start at this, in an effort to turn it into what it was supposed to be to begin with: a draw for readers of my work, as author J. William English, by suggestion of my publisher. Not that I think many would be interested in seeking me out, but just in case, well, I'm here.

There's a fresher, lighter feel to this blog, and so I've given it a lighter, fresher name; still a title of one of my books (as yet unfinished), but this one a book suitable for Spring, the season our world has just begun.

Starting over, as the world does each year, we see new growth, new flowers in bloom. In fact, I spied on my walk today, though smelt before I saw, I must say, white and purple tree blossoms, heralding the green that is to come. How do I feel about Spring? I think that symbolically it is a way of saying, "Have another go," whatever may have happened the past year, through the dry summers and long winters of life.

So cheers, and have another go, my friends; you, and I, and our whole world, as the spring season sets in whether we yearn for it or not. Well Done, Miss Skirrow is a story of finding love in quite unlikely places, and so it is my hope for you, that you will find love, in the most unlikely of places, in the most unlikely of ways. There can indeed, my friends, be no pleasanter surprise than that of love.


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