Saturday, 3 April 2010

Change in the Winds

1. I can see a lot of green from where I'm sitting. It's starting to creep into the trees, and will soon begin blocking the highway from view, surrounding the whole world from here in growing life. It goes on. The sky is white, the weather humid—but not as hot as yesterday. Already, the first of summer's coming can be felt, a sticky breath, like the residue left from touching a candy-covered metal railing. Outside my window, a curious beetle flies hovering in the air, as if contemplating a violent charge into my screen. The stink bugs are gone, for which I'm thankful; now we're come into other things.

2. How dramatic a change can we ever expect in our lives from any upset in the wind or circumstance we come across? Is it exaggerating to say or think that life can throw something up in our path so startling and revealing that we make staggering changes to who we are or were spiritually? (If that sentence didn't confuse you at first reading...then I don't know what will.)

3. Consistency is a fundamental part of the most important components of any relationship. Friendship, familial, romantic, business, and any in between; because, you see, it is consistency that provides and proves trust, and without trust, all relationships fall apart. Change in any person can only be accepted over time, never immediately. And time means patience, and patience is the hardest of all virtues, of this I am sure. Of hardest duties, it is that of he who must change, and has changed, that patience required to continue consistently with the change, waiting until the time is right and trust is established, or re-established. Accidental or purposeful breaking of trust is more damaging than we often realise, unless it is we who have been hurt. It is a long, narrow path on thin ice to reach firm ground from there, and many fall through. As we know, but must be reminded of consistently, it's only by the grace of a Firmer Hand we ever reach safety.

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