Friday, 16 April 2010

Seeing Differently

The title is, yes, a play on words. Double meanings, all that kind of thing. I got new glasses today. I rarely wear them, but have been having a little trouble and decided that my way outdated ones were due to replacement. Also discovered via visits to the eye doctor that my eyes have worsened. Now that I'm wearing the right prescription, things are clearer—and I see them differently. So, yeah...

As for the other meaning...well, that's what all—or most—of life is about. Seeing things differently, gradually, better-ly. All about the eventual transformation we undergo.

The play must go on, they say, and thankfully ours is. Good practise this evening. Now it's time for supper—and I am famished, let me express that to you right now (intentional over-wordage for your comedic benefit)—and a film.

Tomorrow is supposed to cool down a bit from today, which was rather warm. Should be nice. Don't have plans laid out for the weekend that I know of, so I'll be trying to sleep, work, and doing lines, bagpipe, and writing. Guess that's about all. Very little of profundity on my mind. Mostly, I'm just hungry.

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