Saturday, 29 May 2010

Every so often

Once in a while you come across something that you've never done before, try it, and it gives you a rush that you'd never imagined. And then, all at once, you know it's what will make you happiest the rest of your life. Sometimes, we get the chance to pursue those things. Other times, we have to put them by to follow practical responsibilities. I wonder how much, hypothetical, wasted talent there is on earth in the past six thousand years, talent that could never get the chance to be used. Were there musicians greater than Handel and painters better than Da Vinci, or writers better than Shakespeare, and simply never had a way to prove it? Maybe they were illiterate, or didn't know what music was, but deep down they had talents that could have been used, if given the chance. I don't know. Of course, none of this is really possible, because what has happened did, and God's been running this place since the beginning and will see it through till the end. All the same, I do wonder...

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