Tuesday, 18 May 2010


So...today was a bit of a breakthrough for me. Couldn't believe it. I bought my first pair of brand spankin' new jeans. And then? I bought my second.

Of course, they were on sale for 50% off, so I could almost justify it. Not quite, but enough to actually make the purchase. And to be honest, I like them. Quite a lot.

Funny thing about me, just to let you in on a little (big) secret. Even though I've, all my life, been going at all times against the flow, in the more recent years or months I've gradually begun to enjoy and prefer a few (though only a very few) modern styles when it comes to dressing and appearance. In that sense, I'm still going against the flow of my family and a lot of the people I see in my "circles", even if it means going with the flow of a lot of others. I'm a little weird like that; most of you probably know that. Still, I can't help it. It's...indelible. Haha. Ask me about that sometime, that word, indelible; it has its own story.

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