Friday, 21 May 2010

Let the Play Begin

The lights—dim; the audience—softens; the players—laugh quietly to themselves; then, all is one. Up, and to the stage—where the heat of the moment, the stage lights, the crowded room, brings the beads of sweat to the forehead, and the stomach trembles, wondering how much of your first line you'll forget. All at once, the music rises, the lights are set, you're on the stage, and there's no more time for thinking, or feeling—anything but the play.

And even as you savour each scene, wishing it would last a lifetime, you let the emotion rise to its peak as the audience drinks in the performances from every actor. For those brief two hours, it's the greatest escape you could have imagined: no where else is it possible to disappear so entirely into another life, another story. Not in film, nor on the page—only and ever on stage.

A few more hours, then; and with a glad heart, let the play begin!

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