Monday, 3 May 2010


Long day at work today; slept for three and a half hours afterwards. Now I'm heading to bed again, for work in the morning. Had some stickiness come up with a facebook spammer virtually hacking my account (meaning they didn't need my password, they accessed it some other way) and posting things on most of my friend's walls. Just another reason I'm not real excited about the idea of facebook, despite the fact that I use it. Frequently.

I don't know; there are times when I just want to get rid of internet communication and live face to face. But there are too many people I love too much who live too far away to do that. I could move close to the ones I care about most, but even then I'd be neglecting others. The internet made our world big, and shrinking it back down is tough. I do, however, intend at least for some time to live without internet personally when I'm finished schooling, should I go to college. It's not that I have anything against anyone else using it. I just feel that it's one of those things I'm better living without for a time, either as a discipline for getting more things done elsewhere, or just a growing experience by living without. Ken?

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