Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What good is a vacation if you're too tired to stay up late?

That's my big question. Watched The Lovely Bones Monday night, and saw James Bond in The Man With the Golden Gun last night. Both were good films; but trying to keep my eyelids propped open until midnight was unbelievably difficult. In fact, impossible for a few brief moments.

This week we're on vacation, in a technical sense. My dad's off work, therefore so are all of us; and we're having fun...but I'm just so tired I can't even enjoy the ability to stay up. I get to about 11:30 and start fantasising about how good it's going to feel to lie down, close my eyes, and sleep until...8:36. Or however early my body forces me up.

And yes, this post is incredibly mundane, so if you've read it and feel like you just wasted a moment or two of your life, well, you're probably right.

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  1. Oh snap. I think I wasted a moment, bu maybe I wasted it by writing this.