Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Lie

Frightened because of a lie you've told
Scared to run, so the lie gets retold
You've told it so often, the lie's getting old
But you can't seem to stop it from living.
It eats like a cancer, it eats like a worm
You cower in darkness, you squeal and you squirm
Its glittering eyes and vengeful teeth,
Too hideous to describe, they eat
Anything true, anything bright,
You've got to get out of the dark into light
But the lie that you've told, it won't let go
You try and you try but never, oh no
It's pulling you down to a place you hate
This lie that you've told, it sinks like a weight
Of a thousand millstones, heavy and cold
The lie that's been told, told and retold
Where is the freedom you've been wanting to find?
It seems out of reach, the lie says, "You're Mine!"
But just when you feel you'll never get out
You see a great light, you hear a great shout
And angels are standing by thousands about
With bright flaming swords that never go out
"We come on behalf of our king," they cry
And the chains that have held you, those chains of the lie
Fall off in pieces, because of the light
Of the king who descended in glory and might
And has rescued you now from the lie.


  1. Dude. You rock my socks with your poetry. This is... awesome. Just awesome.

  2. Thanks. I kind of liked it. :)

  3. This is beautiful! And green too! Lots of amazing ness here.

  4. Thanks. :D I like the green too!