Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Metaphor

Shadows dripping off the walls
Cover the stains from long ago
Filling all the tidal pools
With metaphoric blood

Singing, driven acid rain
Splashing in uneven train
Along a brand new river bed
Squelching all our dreams

Roguish, wild, fiery charm
Drawing what is hidden in
Calling to both free and bound
"Don't let the sinners in"

What we've got and what we've not
Hope in every kindred thought
Putting faith in long-dead ashes:
Renew a dying love

Stopping, trembling on the edge
The cliffs of bitter wilderness
Below, a pile of dusty bones
Death is our best escape

Reaching for a broken cross
Clinging still to what we've lost
It's only when we've all let go
We find what's really there.