Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Name Changing

It's a name-change I'm considering
Something new and different—definitely
But what quite yet I've not decided,
Maybe never will.

Might colour up my hair,
Turn it light or even fair
Green or purple, I don't care
So long as it's a change.

I've got to get out of this sameness
I'm hurtling into insaneness
I can't take any more of this brainwash
I'm going like a shooting star

A travelling man I'm becoming
Restless and eternally wand'ring
If I'm not walking I'm running
Away from everything I know

It's not an escape that I'm seeking
It's an outlet for life that I'm needing
My mind isn't gone only leaking
I'm just trying to stop the drip

So I'm gonna change my name
Switch things up, make nothing the same
Wander the earth, gathering fame
Till I find what I'm looking for

It's not a new permanent moniker
It's something more, even better
The root of a new identity
Growing into my branch

It's not that I'm looking blindly
It's just all the factors, mainly
And the most problematic is Timely
Let's wait for the clock to tick

It might happen any day now,
Could be a storm, could be a rainbow
Even stumbling over my shadow
But when I see it, then I'll know
And then I'll stay, no more no go
Rain, wind, shine and snow
It's it's my home.

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