Saturday, 14 August 2010

"So you were saying..."

Finding is really only a little of it; it's the losing we consider most.

In dreams, we run from what we think is life. In life, we run from what we wished were dreams.

Gold and silver are worth what they are worth; there's no exchange rate with the currency of love.

Other emotions can be felt and seen and heard. Love is known.

To understand is to give yourself to something else. How blessed to understand a human being.

Those who must ask, "What time is it?" are only a little better than those who know the answer.

We enslave ourselves to what we claim to conquer. Time and money are our air and water.

Heaven will feel like music; but music will feel differently then.

Night comes slow and long to those who await it. To the sleeper, it is there and gone.

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