Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Well Done, Miss Skirrow

“That is much of my story, my dear. What of you?”

Tarn shook her head. “It’s no good, mine isn’t very happy at all.”

“And did you think mine was, love?”

She drank some tea. “You have yourself, and you have your son; he has you. I have no one.”

The woman sighed. Tarn sat up slowly, feeling like she was being ripped out of a dream or comfortable, deep sleep. “It might help you, my dear,” she said. “And besides, this isn’t the end of you, it’s only the middle. It’s just about to get exciting.”

Tarn managed a slight smile. “Mrs. Zoric, you make it sound like it’s a good thing what’s happened.”

“Please, Nevenka will do—and my dear, it is. It’s your life—it’s always the best thing that ever happened.”


  1. ooh! I want to read the whole thing now! I love it- it all sounds very thought out and yet as if it just came to you in the moment you wrote it. simply beautiful. :)

  2. I agree with Princess Eilonwy!! :) hehe I love it. Beautiful Beautiful

  3. Thanks guys. Reading over it just now, I'm not so happy with it, but I'm glad you liked it. Even you, Seth. ;)

  4. haah why am I not surprised. :)