Sunday, 28 November 2010

Words, words, words

Damn it; they say it's a bad word,
but is it?
When you use it wrong, then of course,
but isn't that
How it is with almost anything, words, men, and animals,
When it's not right, it has to be wrong
so is it worse, is it a sin?

Damn it; how do we find out
Or do we?
Does anyone even care?
The people who don't assume that they're right
and the people who do, wouldn't they use it anyway?

Sometimes I just want to fling it
Pick it up and hurl it
As hard and as fast and as mean as I can—
but then,
Wouldn't anything I say in that way be just as bad?
Isn't it the thought that's behind it?
Or the lack thereof, and the absence of love,
isn't that what our words should be all about?

It's not that the word's really worse
not in and of itself, anyway
But it's such a negative thing
And our minds are made to be clean
That when we use the foul words
that never mean good
There's no way they can possibly be redeemed.

Only in context, and properly
Should any of our words ever be
Used by us, or by anyone
To build and encourage and strengthen them
The people we meet, the people we greet
Whatever they are, whoever they are,
So for heaven's sake, damn it, stop swearing!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little Things

Little things,
We love them all
They mean the most
Because they're small
They're not big,
No one will see
But I don't care
Because for me
I only want to know
You love me more
Than enough to show
Or enough to care
You're always there.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Follow the Leader

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The First Kiss

Long ago, when the world was young, and the Lord of Gwnach Geta walked on the earth with his people, the people of Carnwntir, all men spoke with their hearts. There was, indeed, no need for the mouth to speak, for each heart spoke to another as one. And the men were strong, and had much, each his land with livestock and green fields for planting; each a house, a castle for his family. The women were beautiful and the children were happy. In those days, man was very great for man was as one.

But there arose one day a man who was not happy. His name was Myran, and he was discontent, for he looked about him and saw that he had only as much as his fellows, and for Myran it was not enough. So he grew angry that he could not have more, and conspired against his neighbours. Myran and his brothers came together, their hearts full of evil, and they arose and struck down their closest neighbours. Then they took for themselves all that belonged, land, and livestock, and they stole for themselves the women and children of their neighbour.

The Lord of Gwnach Geta grew very angry, and would have struck Myran and all those who followed him with a curse; but he was merciful, and decided to give him opportunity to right what he had done.

But for Myran, it was not enough. And so Myran gathered many followers, and they marched on the great city of Dinas Truan and besieged it. And when they had taken it, they pulled down its walls and slew the men, women, children, and every beast of the city. Indeed none at all were left alive.

Then the Lord was full of wrath and said to Myran, "Behold, Myran, because you have defied me and become discontent with what I have given you and sought to lead others astray and take for yourself what is not yours, you shall be cursed, with all those who follow you, to wander, blind, in a desert far away from my land. And because of what you have done, behold, I will take away the speech of hearts, for it was meant for good, but you have used it for evil."

Myran was banished, with all those who followed him. But his sons remained alive, and evil was in the world.

The Lord of Gwnach Geta saw that man grew even more wicked without the speech of hearts and hearts, for never could he say what was in him to speak, for his heart was closed to all other men, only his mouth would open. And so he said, "Behold, if man cannot learn to speak with his heart once more, I will destroy him, and my work shall be done by the animals that I have placed on my earth, for man has displeased me."

And so, for seventy days the men of the earth sought a way for their hearts to speak to one another, but it was impossible. Seventy days went by, and man could not speak any differently from before. Then the Lord of Gwnach Geta rose and prepared to destroy all living men, but as he did so, he saw in a faraway valley, a man. The man was named Perwnau.

Perwnau knew nothing of the coming destruction of his race, he only knew that he could no longer speak with his heart. This saddened him, for at that moment, he came upon a woman. The woman was fair, and more beautiful than any he had ever seen, and in his heart he loved her. He stood in front of her, then, and said to her, "My name is Perwnau, and I have never seen any so beautiful as you. I love you, and I would I could tell you truly how."

She said to him, "Perwnau, son of Perinwr, my heart loves you as truly as your own beats in your breast."

Then Perwnau, hardly knowing what he did, took her in his arms and put his mouth upon hers, and their lips touched, and held for but a moment. And when he had let her go, Perwnau looked into her eyes and said, "My lady, though I do not know your name, I know now that my heart has spoken, and your heart has answered. Let it now be said that 'out of the mouth the heart speaks'." And Perwnau loved his lady, and spoke often to her, and as time passed, this speaking of heart to heart became known as a kiss.

The Lord of Gwnach Geta saw Perwnau, and saw that he had discovered the secret to speak heart to heart with his lady, and when he saw this he had mercy on mankind and spared them from his wrath, but he banished all evil from Gwnach Geta and took it away from Carnwntir until those who are good and just shall perish and rise to find him. But never again were man and man to conspire heart to heart, nor woman and woman, for the Lord of Gwnach Geta saw that when man and man speak with their hearts an evil spreads through the earth.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cold and silly; fishing in silence.
Ridiculously funny; but there's no cure.
Hand in the water; fingers trailing.
Reflection broken, gently shimmering.
Is anything left now, anything pure?
There's a stream, but now it's bloody.
There, a tree, and now it's dead.
A book is written, but somebody burned it
Some music fell and broke its head.
Some things are upside down,
Some are just mixed up.
Everything is a crazy mess
Everything is stuck.
Slipping out of water
...and into sunlight

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The only world we know bigger than planet earth is the one each of us has inside our own heads. And if there is a limit to where we can go, what we can do inside that world, no one has yet to find it. There is no discoverable edge.

Good and bad, if we live anything on that world, when we come to it in this one, it's smaller, less throbbing, less sensory. Worrying over something inevitable brings it into the vast, unconquerable world in our heads, Imaginátia Viscerus, and when we've lived it there long enough and finally reach the situation, bad and inevitable, it's quite miniscule in comparison. Almost as bad is when we've lived an inevitable good inside Imaginátia Viscerus, and reaching that place here it's become dull, lifeless, and worst of all, tasteless.

Doesn't always happen.

Just most of the time.

Ever think about the fact that there very well could be another universe outside our own in which God is working his will just as perfectly as in this one, with other creatures, like us or unlike us, that we may or may not meet in heaven because it's possible there could be more than one? Perhaps you splutter and fret and say, "Well if God did that wouldn't he tell us?" And I guess I just ask, "Why the loo would God tell you that? What good would it do you? You can't get to it; you can't know it. And God doesn't owe you a blasted thing."

This universe, perhaps it has a sun; perhaps it has an entirely different means of getting what it needs. Ever think about the fact that we only need light and warmth to see and stay comfortable because God set it up that way? The fact that as much as we find the laws of this world unshakeable and necessary, they're only logical because God decided that when you drop an apple, it falls; and when you don't have enough heat you get cold. This alternate universe might have creatures on it that aren't affected by temperature. Maybe temperature doesn't exist. Maybe their problems are entirely different. Things we haven't imagined. The only things wrong in our world are what God decided would be wrong. We get tired out, because we're low on energy and sleep. The only reason we can get tired is because God decided we need a certain amount of energy to function. What if instead of sleeping we had to run for six hours a day. Sound silly? Only because it wasn't what God decided. It might have been. It still might be. The scope of what we know, when you come down to it, seems so unbelievably small, so infinitely finite; like being in a cardboard box, shut up, and you might know everything in your little box, and maybe you don't know there's more out there. But if you did, you would feel more helpless than a bug in a toilet, or a man lost in the inescapable torments of Imaginátia Viscerus.