Sunday, 28 November 2010

Words, words, words

Damn it; they say it's a bad word,
but is it?
When you use it wrong, then of course,
but isn't that
How it is with almost anything, words, men, and animals,
When it's not right, it has to be wrong
so is it worse, is it a sin?

Damn it; how do we find out
Or do we?
Does anyone even care?
The people who don't assume that they're right
and the people who do, wouldn't they use it anyway?

Sometimes I just want to fling it
Pick it up and hurl it
As hard and as fast and as mean as I can—
but then,
Wouldn't anything I say in that way be just as bad?
Isn't it the thought that's behind it?
Or the lack thereof, and the absence of love,
isn't that what our words should be all about?

It's not that the word's really worse
not in and of itself, anyway
But it's such a negative thing
And our minds are made to be clean
That when we use the foul words
that never mean good
There's no way they can possibly be redeemed.

Only in context, and properly
Should any of our words ever be
Used by us, or by anyone
To build and encourage and strengthen them
The people we meet, the people we greet
Whatever they are, whoever they are,
So for heaven's sake, damn it, stop swearing!


  1. I have thought about this before and I definatly agree. Sometimes our pastor will use words like this in their proper context in a sermon and I am pretty sure it makes people pay more attention.

  2. Ultimately, you can't take a word in and of itself and say "this is bad" based solely on the word, because words have no morality. However, with certain words, especially those words largely considered "swear words" the reason they are not to be used is primarily due to the fact that they can't be used positively. Not that I'm an optimistic person, but we are never called to tear people down; therefore, by using words that can only ever tear down, it is impossible to justify using those words at all. When you stub your toe, or your favourite football team loses and you exclaim, "Dammit!" there's no way to make that expression one of thankfulness and gratitude. The word in its own context is good, but only because it has to do with God's power. Other swear words can't ever be used in a positive context. And I don't just mean positive in the positive/negative good/bad connotation; it has to do with a mindset, a frame of acting, speaking, and living.

  3. This made me smile. :)

  4. This is all very interesting... things that a lot of people would be uncomfortable with I think. : ) But it is intriguing me greatly. : )

  5. It's like saying 'oh my god' is a 'bad word'. Well, since when is it a bad word? Since people started using it the wrong way. 'God' or any of his other names are not bad words. It's only when people use them the wrong way. This post is really making me think. : ) And I really liked your comment, Siah, btw. The poem was very interesting, but the way you explained it was even better.