Monday, 24 October 2011

How do I know?

There's reading to be done on William the Conqueror for Personal Tutor sessions at 3:15. I'm sick. Sore throat. In a few minutes I've got a lecture that lasts for two hours, and I've got to get dressed, presentable, and then I've got to find some food. I'm not a big fan of being sick.

It's proper Welsh weather outside at the moment; cold, dripping, and mournful. Lamenting my illness, no doubt.

I should finish this and get dressed and get reading. I will, in a bit. I feel I should keep everyone updated, so that's what I'm trying to do. Spent the weekend in Aberystwyth. It was good, but I'm exhausted and worn out a little, though I did manage to get some good hours of sleep in last night. And though I did go to Geoff Thomas's church in Aber, I didn't get a chance to meet him. Which means I have to go back at some point.

I missed not going to Lampeter Evangelical Church, my church here in Lampeter. Even though I've only been once on Sunday, I've been with them at the meetings they hold during the week and already I feel like I fit in and belong there. I hope to visit around and encourage the other churches in the area—we'll see how things go.

And with that, I depart. Here's to an end of sickness.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I was up too late last night, but I guess I don't mind. I woke up too early this morning, and didn't trust myself to fall asleep and not miss church. So I'm shivering on my bed at 8:15 after being up for half an hour, when I should be asleep till nearly 9:00. I don't know what I'm doing.

A little before 10:00 I'm off for church. I met an Irish fellow last night who said he'd come along, so we'll meet and walk over together.

After morning service, I'm off to spend the afternoon with a friend a little outside campus and eat Sunday lunch with the family she lives with. Normally, I'll be going somewhere Sunday evening but this week and next I'll be otherwise occupied.

I don't know what made me do it, but I guess it's because I can't say no. To almost anything. There's a Christian mini-conference and trip to Aberystwyth to spend time with the CU people there this coming weekend; I'm going. I don't even know my assignments, or my reading list. Hopefully I'll get that later today. I was gone all day Saturday, and that was hard enough. At some point I need to get into a schedule where I'm at home long enough to do some actual work, but for now it's a general rushing hither and thither, walking more than I deserve, but less than I should in a world of ideals (not ours, in case that wasn't clear).

I joined the Chapel Choir. Why??? I don't know how to sing the tenor line, I can't pick it out from the melody when it's played together, and it's every Friday (and Sundays when I can make it) plus services throughout the year. Why did I do it? Oh, right. The insanity of university.

I've written about 12 different paragraphs to go in this slot, but each time I delete it just before I post. Apparently, there's nothing that will fit just right. For now, this will have to do.

Friday, 14 October 2011

University Life

I'm writing a newsletter which will be out as soon as I can get it, so I won't be stealing much of my own thunder. I've nothing against spilling a few beans, though. This is instead of emailing my parents at the moment, as I'm knackered and shattered and other British words for exhausted that Americans don't know.

I arrived in Lampeter 3:00 Wednesday afternoon. I hadn't slept the night before, no more than an hour or two, but there was no time for exhaustion. After meeting a bunch of people I knew (and recognising dozens of others on campus and around town on the drive in) I started to run some errands, move into my room, get registered, and catch up with new old friends.

I have three modules I'm currently enrolled in. Study Skills, focussed on historians and what I'll need, which I haven't attended. Introduction to Archaeology which is my least favourite so far (too much science, but it's still pretty good) and my very favourite lecture which is Introduction to Medieval Studies and can be described simply as "utterly brilliant". It's taught by Dr. Abrams whom I knew and who interviewed me in 2009.

Already I've made more friends, made better friends, plotted to meet up with dozens as-yet-unmet friends, gone to folk band in the pub down the street, taken a late-night 5-mile walk outside Lampeter, slept in past a lecture (to my shame; now I own an alarm clock, it won't happen) joined the choir, the folk society, the Medieval society, the singing society, had dinner at the local Welsh church, bought and worn a Welsh rugby shirt in preparation for tomorrow's big match against France, and discovered that I truly am known all over campus.

Tomorrow I'm going to White Sands where Robin Hood (2010) was filmed in part, along with Harry Potter 7 parts 1 and 2 (the cottage where Dobby is buried), along with St. Davids, the town and Cathedral. I'm going tomorrow early, hoping not to miss the International bus at 9:00 so here's me trusting my 3 alarm clocks. Could be foolish. Will have pictures, but don't know when I'll update them.

I've just purchased a diary to record my schedule and it's hectic as anything—I don't have a free moment, or I won't once I find the rest of my societies and start joining up. I'll be attending as many extra lectures as I can, but for now I just need to access the required text books and purchase those, as well as become aware of assignments. I'm possibly moving halls to join the musicians from the Folk Society and leave my party hall, so we'll see if that works out. Either way, my mates in Walker are a loveable group if too loud when they get drunk at 3:00am.

That's all I've time for, as it's now past 11:00 which is much later than I anticipated. Will write when I can. Cheers.