Saturday, 11 August 2012


One cannot collect dust on the cybersphere; were it possible, I would have done it long since upon this relic that was once haven to frequent thought. Back when I used to think. That's the problem, of course; my lack of thought. Obviously, if I had thoughts I would put them here. Well, I'm thinking again. You know what that means; this dreadful and much-bedraggled phoenix will rise again.

Regular thoughts; personal journallings; world commentary; philosophical rhetoric stating no apparent point; reviews—and shameless self-promotion with an eye for acquiring contacts in the business upon which I have set my sights.

A storm's coming. Shut your windows and bar your doors, or you'll be swept into it—with everything you have.


  1. Windows and doors open. Bring it on my friend. :)

  2. You better batten down the hatches Mr Wayne.

  3. Thanks, Bekah!

    Indeed, Anonymous.