Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another Time, Maybe?

For that which was,
I laugh, and weep, and wonder
Because though I'm not
And never will be a math major
Point A (where we were)
and point B (where we're now)
Don't add up in any book
That has ever been written
Or that I've ever read.
Do I miss it? I think so
But then, if it wasn't
The me I am now
Then how can a me that I'm not
Remember a time that never was
In the life I live now—
A time in a life that I've left behind
A life with a girl, who wasn't you
And who might have loved me,
But doesn't exist any more?
That's the question
That I keep asking
A me that I'm not
And a you I forgot,
But the only look in your eyes
Is one sad and misgiving
That says with much sorrow
"Not today, I'm afraid
But come back tomorrow.
Another time, maybe?"
And with those words I know
You don't mean them
And when away I go
The you that I knew will be gone.

Monday, 6 May 2013


It was only when I met you that I knew
There was a hole inside my heart, 
This lonely space, and when I saw
You that hole was filled.
Don’t look at all the ways I’ve blundered
My blind, failing stumblings
Trying to find a pair of feet
On which to stand and say
“I love you every single day.
Come, fly with me, away—
To watch the sun set and die
And wake as he is birthed anew.”
Coward that I know I am
I hide behind this silver screen
Turning thoughts to mute poetry
Instead of pouring out to you my heart.
Where is the honesty in this world?
It is gone—if it ever was.
We do not want honesty
Unless we can decide what is true.