Monday, 13 October 2014

A world full of senseless pain; deceit, unfaithfulness and cruelty.

Man gazes up at the heavens and asks why, hearing in the echoes of his own frustration no answer.

But I turn my eyes to him and ask, "Can you see this?"

God looks at me and says, "I know. That's why I came."

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thus and thus.

Thus have the fates decreed: that my time in the United Kingdom should be limited to three years, and that the day following such anniversary will herald my indefinite departure.

Much has changed since I planted that first unsteady foot on my heart's native soil. I arrived a lonely foreign undergraduate, damp behind the ears, known by all but friends to none. I will leave with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Medieval Studies, happily married, with far fewer acquaintances but a good many more lifelong friends than I could have imagined.

I left an eager, impatient brother and a straining-at-the-leash son, to return a stranger, both to my land and my family. It is a strange feeling, returning to former paths; most of those we walk in life are disposable, not to be used again.

Nothing of my current experience cries innovation or originality, nor are my thoughts and feelings more of note than any other's. Those who take interest do so based solely through their existing connection to me and personal altruism. I can offer no hidden insights that your own hearts and minds have not already taught you; equally, if you are of an age where such an experience as I describe is beyond your scope then my words will pass through you, meaningless until your own paths of practice grant you clarity.

So I come to the conclusion of my philosophising: that the sharing of my thoughts and emotions serves only to further my personal understanding of my own soul, and provides nothing new for the world to ponder; thus have my self-aggrandising especial discoveries come to an end, save for that which is necessary for conversation.